Water Only School and Healthy Food

Holy Cross Catholic Cross is a Water Only School.

Please provide a water bottle for your child to bring to school.

Promoting healthy food choices

Healthy food choices are important to establish in childhood to support the child's immediate physical and mental growth and development, and to set behaviours for the future.

We encourage and educate our students to be responsible for their own health.

We deliver clear and consistent messages about nutrition by:

  • ensuring that any food provided by/through school follows national food and nutrition guidelines

  • ensuring students get healthy brain food at 10 am

  • incorporating nutrition education across the curriculum, including the health programme

  • providing water as the only drink option for students

  • encouraging staff members to model healthy food choices

  • communicating our nutrition messages to the wider school community in various ways, including the newsletter

  • acknowledging the cultural diversity of our community with our nutrition messages

  • considering our nutrition messages when deciding on class rewards and celebrations, student prizes, fundraising activities, and school camp menus

  • actively promoting physical activity as the partner of good nutrition.

Our new entrant pack contains our nutrition message and tips for healthy lunches.