Enrolment information

At Holy Cross Catholic School, there is a legal requirement that a preference card must be completed. This is done by simply contacting the school's Parish Priest, who will meet and help you to complete this task.

Our school Enrolment Packs are available from the office, or by contacting us on 09 838 8802, and these can be either posted or emailed to you.

The following forms needs to be completed:

  • Enrolment form
  • Preference card
  • Proof of date of Birth (NZ birth certificate or NZ passport), if the student has a foreign passport, we must sight the passport and also have evidence of immigration status for both the child and the parent.

With regards to getting the preference card signed, please contact the Holy Cross Parish Office

Holy Cross Parish Office

14 Lavelle Rd


Ph: 09 835 3355

Email: secretary@hendersoncatholic.org.nz