Our Charism

Pax Christi, we warmly welcome you to Holy Cross Catholic School, where excellence is a Gospel Value. We provide an holistic, life-giving education underpinned by hope, that prepares our students to make a positive and effective contribution to the multi-cultural society in which we live.


Holy Cross Catholic School was opened and blessed on Sunday 15th May 1932. Sisters of Mercy taught 60 pupils. The Dominican Sisters arrived in 1971 when St. Dominic’s College was built in Henderson and the Sisters of Mercy moved to St. Mary’s, Northcote. In 1976, four Capuchin Friars took up residence at the presbytery and in 1977, opened a postulancy (a first house for those entering the Order) in Lavelle Road. The Dominican Sisters moved to View Road.

The travellers on the road to Emmaus failed to recognise that they walked with Christ. It was only when Jesus blessed and broke the bread that Cleopas and his companion recognised their Lord.

(Luke 24: 30-31)

Holy Cross Catholic School is an extension of the family and the Church, and we embody the values and teachings of Jesus Christ, the Good Shepherd. This is manifested through our relationships, sacramental celebrations, rituals and symbols which can be found in a setting which strongly upholds the dignity and value of each person made in the likeness and image of God.

The Special Character of Holy Cross Catholic School as defined in the Integration Agreement is as follows:

The school is a Roman Catholic School in which the whole school community, through the general school programme and its instruction and observances, exercises the right to live and teach the values of Jesus Christ. These values are expressed in the Scriptures and in the practices, worship and doctrine of the Roman Catholic Church as determined from time to time by the Roman Catholic Bishop of Auckland.”

Explanation of the School Crest:

”The Way, the Truth and the Life”

John 14:6

This verse from the Bible captures the three symbols on the school crest.

    • The Way is represented by the Cross.
    • The Truth is represented by the Bible.
    • The Life is represented by the sun.

School Motto is Truth - Veritas. As we seek the truth of God’s Word, we are called to honour the truth in all we say and do.

The Cross has a long arm. Holy Cross Catholic School is under the protection of God. The cross is attributed to St. Helena, the mother of Constantine the Great. St. Helena founded the true Cross of Jesus which had been buried during a time of persecution by pagan rulers. In the Chapel of the Finding of the Cross in the Basilica of the Holy Sepulchre, there is a bronze statue of St. Helena embracing the cross. A marble slab to the right marks the spot where the cross was discovered in 324.

Charism is a gift of the Holy Spirit to the Church, communicated through a particular person who gathers disciples around him or her or with whom he or she translates a bold vision into action.

Charism is a living passion for whatever dimension of the life of Christ is missing now - peace, truth, mercy … It is the heart of the foundress/founder that was aglow at the period of history, beating on in us in another day and age. It is ever changing … It is where the reign of God is needed most. It develops from age to age and dies from age to age … and then grows up in a new way.

Holy Cross Catholic School embraces the Mercy, Dominican and Capuchin Charisms, and the protection of the long armed cross as foundation stones that lead the school forward.