Our Student Leadership

Samuel 12:24

“serve him faithfully with all your heart; consider what great things he has done for you.”

Student voice and leadership is an integral part of Holy Cross school.

Student Councillors

Student Councillors are elected students who regularly with the principal to help make decisions relating to their learning.

Green Team

The Green Team is an enthusiastic team of children lead by our Enviro-Schools teacher. They encourage others to keep our school litter free and our gardens tidy. They help make decisions about important Enviro-school projects.

Travelwise Team

The school Travel wise team is made up of enthusiastic kids who help to motivate students to become more enviro friendly when travelling to and from school


It is considered a privilege to be selected as a student Librarian for our very vibrant school library. Student librarians are rostered for duty during lunchtimes and are responsible for maintaining the high standard of our library. They are also part of the decision making process when selecting books for purchase.